Nature photography has a special place in my heart since it may take a lifetime to fully understand the balances, forces, changes, inner workings and power of Nature. It's an honor and challenge to interpret and represent the natural world through a lens, to share it with others, and to understand its powerful ability to transform and change.

I use a variety of techniques to create digital and film times using High Dynamic Range techniques if the scene has high contrast, or blending exposure-bracketed photos to layer the best of each one...but every once in a while, magic will happen and one shot captures the essence of a scene. In those moments, light is usually the single most influential element, and it becomes a wonderful experience that is hopefully conveyed to the viewer.

My photography has been described as portraying nature in an honest, dramatic and beautiful way, and I look forward to sharing it with you!

Here's hoping you have a most satisfying journey through life as you explore new opportunities, new visions and meet new friends! Thank you sincerely for stopping by.


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